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Many Japanese manufacturers have established local affiliates and shifted their manufacturing facilities to
South East Asia.
These new factories and new worksites have invigorated the market; however associated environmental problems
cannot be ignored. We have the systems to resolve these problems.

Waste water treatment technology, odor control technology, and technology to improve the working

The primary reason for Japanese companies moving manufacturing bases to South East Asia appears to be the
combination of Japanese brands and South East Asian costs. Our company has been successful in realizing this for
the environmental technologies.

For example, in cases where requests have been issued by a Thai affiliate of a Japanese company, and
environmental measures implemented, almost all of the manufacturing has been done in Thailand.
Naturally, we have provided guidance with our world-class environmental technology to Japanese quality
Our company acts as the general manager, combining Japanese technology and Thai labor in the delivery of
environmental equipment.

Future growth of the economies of South East Asia is expected to resemble that of the previous Japanese economic
As with industrial pollution during the Japanese economic boom, industry will undoubtedly be required to comply
with environmental measures in the coming economic boom in South East Asia.
If we are able to support environmental measures undertaken by Japanese manufacturers in South East Asia, this
will also allow our company to accomplish our mission of contributing to the future of global

We wish any corporation who has plans about environmental measures to contact us.

Recent Overseas Deliveries

Measures to deal with general
environmental, dust, waste water treatment, and odor problems on a casting line for a manufacturer
「We were approached by a customer complaining of problems with air quality
on the casting line. We immediately assumed that the factory was in Japan. On further discussion, however,
it was discovered that the plant was in Thailand, and was the case that gave us the final push to our wishes
to expand our operations overseas.

Casting involves pouring the molten metal into molds. Manufacture of the sand molds involves the use of a
resin to solidify or bond the sand. When the when the molten metal is poured, the resin bubbles with the
heat, releasing smoke and odors.

Localized ventilator hoods were already in place on the line, however they were insufficient for the job,
and there was concern that problems would arise if the same system was employed in a new casting

We proposed comprehensive measures covering the existing localized ventilation ducting and measures to deal
with odors in the exhaust gases, and after a period of six months during which our personnel visited the
site a number of times, we delivered the equipment.

Dust collection and deodorizing equipment (2,400 m3/min)

Dust collection and deodorizing equipment (2,400

Ducting inside the factory

Ducting inside the factory

Odor Control

Hybrid Scrubber
We offer a strong line-up of our cutting-edge Hybrid Scrubber series,
which eliminates odors emitted from manufacturing plants and processing facilities.
The Type-H uses a microgel deodorant method in the flushing to achieve low running costs.
The Type-HII is a high efficiency deodorizer with low running costs that uses an ozonated water spray
The Type-F is a flushing scrubber that specializes in dust elimination under high temperature and high
Contact us regarding other models available.
Hybrid Scrubber
Spray System
Deodorant spray deodorizers make optimum use of the characteristics of the
microgel deodorizer with small – large airflows and low – medium concentration odors. These deodorizers
spray the deodorizer into exhaust ducting to achieve major reductions in odor levels.
Since the exhaust ducting is used as the reaction chamber, the equipment is compact and light-weight,
consisting only of the deodorizer spray unit, piping, and spray nozzle, and can be used flexibly in confined
The equipment can be installed at a cost of 1/10 to 1/3 of that of conventional combustion or activated
charcoal systems.
Spray System
The microgel deodorizer is an ultra-high molecular weight (20 million – 30
million) polymer compound. Its absorption effects are usable whether the odor is acidic, neutral, or
alkaline. The proportion of the reactive group in the microgel is adjusted to suit the odor component at the
customer’s installation, thus permitting maximum effect at minimum cost.
The microgel itself is odorless, and readily biodegraded by microorganisms in the environment. It can
therefore be released into the atmosphere, without the expense of additional waste water treatment
弊社の「ハイブリッドスクラバー® デオミスト型」が、公益財団法人東京都中小企業振興公社の海外販路開拓支援事業「支援対象商品」に認定されました。